Technical Data order primatene mist inhaler online. makemelast. Motor capacity : 220 v/370 w or 380 v/370 w kwikmed coupon viagra.
Standard surface : 130 x 80 cm
Options surface : 100 x 65 cm, 150 x90

- Swivel arm with agg bug.
- Swivel arm with sleeve bug.
BrandA�: VEIT
- COOLSETA�: Flat table is used for both under pressing and final pressing operations for shirts , knits , sweaters and trousers.
- Table surface without heating is energy efficient and helps to keep the garment cool and dry.
- Three layered cover system ensures uniform suction across the surface of the table.
- Integrated chimney redirects hot air above ground level for a better working environment.

Available in various sizes : 100 x 50cm, 130x80cm, 130x65 cm and 150x90cm

  • Ref: - VEIT COOLSET V5
  • Available: -  yes


Manual Shirt Folding Station
Ref:   VEIT 3580

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Table Fusing Machine
Ref:   VEIT TFM 450

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Steam Generator
Ref:   VEIT 2365

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